Romantic and sensual Music with words

Sensual music to make and live the Love!! To make love until we get lost in the Universe!!!

Sensual Music only instruments

Romantic and Sensual Music, only instruments. Let yourself go far beyond

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Warmth of your Escence

The perpetual and insatiable
   desire of your scent
      is installed in the core of my fringes.

My lips assemble on to dementia
     missing your moist,
the caress of your surface in my mouth.

I remember the warmth of your essence
    weaving itself eager to my outline.

My arms demanding your volume.

My bosom yearns your cinnamon nipples
     nibbling tender joy,
         violet velvet delirium .

I want to paint again impassioned
your nakedness with my eyes,

To sculpt your belly with the vertex
    of my fingers and my tongue…

I want to explore your flooded
    and thirsty epicenter jungle.

To get lost in your brown disheveled orchards.

To remember our sunny nights,
with our skins incorporated one another,
our breaths diluted in passionate storm.

I aspire to recreate your constant moan of pleasure.

I need to lay my subtle soul on your face,
    rapt with enjoyment.

Long lazy afternoons
     of warm, silent company.

Restful and serene walks.
    Hatched loving hands.

Souls embraced,
    Flying free among the fresh
         breath of the woods.....

Jose Luis Mendoza Aubert